Welcome to 1872: A Murder

In this space I explore the world of my forthcoming fact-based novel Marguerite. Here you will find posts on anarchists, crime, actresses, rebellious servants, the French theatre in London, sex workers of Paris, the Commune, photomontage, propaganda and the Third Earl of Lucan.

And that’s just for starters.

I will also be sharing a remarkable early work — of mine! Written when I was eleven, it presages many of my later historical obsessions and it is quite funny (I didn’t mean it to be at the time).

I’m going to start by giving everything away for FREE. I’d love you to stay with me when I come to blog my draft of my work in progress. Your reactions may help shape the book.

This is a new venture for me — normally I write non-fiction history about little-known women. See my Amazon page for my books on Maria Glenn, Mary Ashford and the unfortunate wretches who went to the gallows in the early 19th century. And my book about the diaries of an ambulance driver in Blitz-torn London.

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A killing, Lucan (3rd Earl of), secrets, war, police, prisons


Naomi Clifford

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